ISO 17065 in Singapore

ISO 17065 in Singapore

The ISO 17065 in Singapore certification ensures the competence of an accreditation body in providing certification for the quality of products, processes, and services. 

What products, processes, and services do the accreditation refer to?

  • Product:Includes a process result, such as software, hardware, or any service or processed materials.
  • Service:An intangible result of at least one activity conducted in conjunction with a supplier and a customer.
  • Process:Includes linked or interrelated activities that transform inputs into outputs. For example, manufacturing processes, welding engineering processes, and food production processes.

ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation builds trust and confidence among all interested parties in the quality of the product and its compliance with all regulatory standards. The certification is useful for different parties and organizations, including:

  • Certification bodies’ clients
  • Government authorities
  • Customers of the organization being accredited
  • Consumers and other public members
  • Non-government organizations

Benefits of ISO 17065 in Singapore Accreditation

ISO/IEC 17065 in Singapore accreditation provides benefits to both the accredited organization and its customers. Some practical advantages of the certification include:

    • The certification operation improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the organization being accredited.
    • It informs accreditation providers about their competence in performing compliance and issuing certificates.
    • An increase in confidence in the certification body and the competency of the auditors responsible for certifying management systems.
    • Its guidelines improve data analysis and record-keeping skills.
    • Provides a competitive edge to the company by increasing its customers’ trust and confidence in the certification.
    • It builds the reputation of the certification bodies and provides recognition and credibility in the global market.
    • The accredited organization gains a distinct competitive advantage over its competitors.

Requirements of ISO 17065 Accreditation in Singapore

  • General Requirements: Includes legal and contractual matters, certification agreements, use of license and certificates, remarks of impartiality, non-discriminatory conditions, and confidentiality agreements.
  • Structural Requirements: Here, organizations are required to provide information on the authorities and responsibilities of their personnel in different areas. Further, it also contains policies and principles to safeguard impartiality in certification activities.
  • Resources Requirements: Requires organizations to provide information on the certification body personnel and their responsibilities and tasks during the accreditation processes.