ISO 14001 in Malaysia

ISO 14001 in Brunei


ISO 14001 in Malaysia is a tool that enables organizations to meet their environmental obligations and communicate to stakeholders that true environmental improvements are being achieved.

‍ISO 14001 certification services in Malaysia is one of the world’s most widely recognized management system designed to provide a framework to support your organization in achieving environmental excellence whilst reducing costs and wining new business.

ISO 14001 in Malaysia provides registration services and deals with Environmental management system offer organization to have a better management system, laws, and regulations concerning environmental oriented factors.

 ‍ISO 14001 certification services in Malaysia is independently certified certification demonstrates a firm grasp on environmental legislation, a reduced environmental risk and a commitment to continually improving your business.

ISO 14001 auditing services in Malaysia assist the organization to have control over ecological impacts caused because of their services, manufacturing process, any services or product offered by the organization. Here the environmental factor may be air, water bodies, or land.

‍Our ethos is firmly on enhancing profitability whilst supporting the environmental improvements through an effective and efficient Environmental Management System in ‍ISO 14001 in Malaysia.


  • Supports in Prevention of pollution
  • Global recognition.
  • Reduce incidents and accidents that could result in environmental damage
  • Improve overall environmental performance through proactive measures of P2.
  • Ensure applicable legal/regulatory/compliance requirements is addressed..
  • Satisfaction in an organization and also among the departments.
  • Reduce the cost to a minimal level.
  • The organization will have a brand between the competitors in Marketplace.
  • To gain or retain market share by being amongst the Green Partners – as winning edge against competitors!
  • To project a clean and green corporate image among regulators, customers and public
  • For sustainable development of an organization and its profit.

ISO 14001 certification in Malaysia

ISO 14001  in Malaysia is more effective. The size of the organization can be up to any certain for the implementation of this standard. Type of organization which can be benefited by this environmental management system are multinational companies, proprietorship-based companies managed by very few employees, high risk to the low-risk service-based company, industrial sectors, private sectors, manufacturing sectors, service-based industries also belong to governmental bodies or private sectors.