ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management (FMS)

ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management (FMS)

Published in 2018, ISO 41001:2018 specifies the requirements for a facility management (FM) system. This system can be implemented if an organization.

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a) needs to demonstrate effective and efficient delivery of FM that supports the objectives of the demand organization;

b) aims to consistently meet the needs of interested parties and applicable requirements;

c) aims to be sustainable in a globally-competitive environment.

ISO 41001

Benefits of ISO 41001:2018 Facility Management (FMS) FROM ICPL:

  • Improved productivity, health & safety, well-being and productivity of the workforce
  • Improving organisational cost benefits through better efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhanced communication of FM methodologies and requirements among and between public and private sector organizations
  • Improved consistency of service levels delivered
  • Providing a common platform for all types of organizations